Welcome To NeoGreen Frontiers

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Neo Green Frontiers is an indigenous Nigerian Company incorporated in the year 2016 to handle whole sale Agriculture, Agro-allied and Agro businesses and delivery of services tailored and made for today’s upwardly mobile and mass-oriented markets. The Company is established to partner with farmers, farmers Cooperatives, multinational institutions; Agriculture based manufacturing companies, academic institutions, government parastatals and developmental companies in agriculture all in a bid to help in actualizing their dreams of delivering unique and quality laden sales, services and value adding solutions to deserving clientele base and customers as well as the export of varieties of farm crops and produce.

The company in its objects was created to help bring modern day solutions to the historical needs of service delivery, sales, agricultural research and production, farming, storage and the provision of specific and specialized training and consultancy needs in agriculture for our teeming Nigerian companies and populace.

The Company’s main focus now is the provision of E-Commerce sales and services, designs and installations of agricultural needs and frameworks, material and input sourcing, supply, training and consultancy to the farmers, farmers Cooperatives, multinational institutions; Agriculture based manufacturing companies, academic institutions, government parastatals and developmental companies in agriculture.

Our main work cuts across the private and public sectors based on deep sector insights and professional expertise. Our teams of professionals have knowledge in diverse disciplines and real work experiences in very good companies and industries, project implementation expertise as well as a commitment to maximizing the values of clients’ investments in our services.

In our business philosophy and service approach, we place emphasis on people’s satisfaction, quality process and products that will meet adequate health standards while offering the flexibility to meet unique clientele needs and efficient pricing framework.

We also have unique and culturally diverse staffs that are driven by passion to apply cumulative knowledge and experience to provide the cutting edge for those that we serve. We are proven, having handled many sales successfully and so we count on your kind understanding and patronage to enable us prove our true worth.

The company is located at Ajao Estate with a branch at Ikeja and operates a hub structure that enables for quick service delivery and on-hand experience sharing with clients and customers. We also have several hectares of farmlands scattered across the federation as well as farmers and co-operatives that also help us in meeting the yearnings and aspirations of our teeming customers.

Neo Green Frontiers (NGF) is thus a modern 360 degrees agro-centric company which is inspired to bring this wealth of goods and services to the Nigerian Agricultural sector as it stands amidst local challenges and global competition.

Neo Green Frontiers (NGF) has therefore come to reduce poverty and increase food security by contributing to the establishment of sustainable agricultural growth and development in Nigeria. Through this platform, it is intended that significant improvements in agricultural productivity, marketing and competitiveness by generating appropriate technologies, promoting innovation, establishing a knowledge management capacity and strengthening the agricultural research system which will help to develop a dynamic, highly motivated and intellectually up to date agricultural research network with a sharp focus for lifting Nigeria's agricultural potentials to self-sustenance and export. Our research system will be guided by the principles of excellence, creativity, hard work, accountability, integrity and shall at all times apply modern methods and best practices towards its responsibility to all stakeholders.